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Aiming to Buy a New House This Diwali? Count on the Expenses Incurred in Doing so

Aiming to Buy a New House This Diwali? Count on the Expenses Incurred in Doing so

Diwali is considered to be an auspicious day and from dhanteras till bhai dhuj is considered to be the best and profitable period to invest your money and if you are aiming to buy a house or real estate in Noida in this time of the year then it will be super profitable for you.

Key Measures to be considered:

Purchasing a new house is an investment for an entire lifetime and every individual always takes an extra step to buy a house for oneself.

As it’s the biggest investment of your life so you also should be aware about the expenses which incurs while buying the new house. Whether you desire to buy the residential property in Noida or commercial property in Noida in both the cases proper research should be done.

New Delhi:- Diwali, the festival of lights is the best time to buy a new house for yourself. In Hindu religion the Diwali time is the most auspicious and it’s always said that buying a property at this time can be profitable for you.

Buying a real estate in Noida can be very profitable for you but still it’s always good to be well versed about the expenses which will be incurred while purchasing a new house, so that you can arrange for the financial amount beforehand. In this blog all the expenses are mentioned below:-

  1. Registration cost is the cost which depends on the total cost of the property. In many places the legal charges – registration levy and stamp duty add up to 5-10 % of the total property expenditure. This is the cost which you are paying for transferring the property in your name and it’s charged by the government for doing so. This cost varies to different states.
  2. When you are planning to shift up to the new house then you have to pay a handsome amount to the builder which is known as the maintenance fees, this amount can be for e month or so. This amount is really huge so while planning your finances, don’t forget to add this amount as well.
  3. You also have the stamp duty irrespective of the fact that whether you are buying a residential or commercial property. This tax has to be paid when you are buying or selling the property .this tax amount is calculated based on the circle rate of the vicinity of the property, Along with this you also have to pay extra expenses which are incurred by the lawyers and the fees of notary as well.
  4. Whichever property you are looking to buy, you have to get the painting, interiors work done which will surely amount you huge on your pockets, so it’s better to allocate some funds for these expenditures beforehand.


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